What We Do

Our consuming passion is to see every local church take its rightful place in God’s great mission field. So we train and coach pastors to lead their congregation to be a Spirit-powered mission force across the street and around the world. We help churches …

  • Embrace God’s heart for the nations
  • Align their church on missions
  • Implement the Global Focus mobilization process

Does your church have a strategy for engaging every member in missions – whether across the street or around the world? The vast majority of missionaries at work throughout the world were profoundly influenced by their local church. A sermon by a pastor. Pictures from a visiting missionary. Even a short-term mission trip sponsored by their church.

Local churches have the ability and the responsibility to influence and to mobilize their congregations. Imagine what would happen if we all did it really well! But many don’t. Many churches do not have an effective process for engaging their people in the only cause that really matters. That’s where Global Focus can help. We have the plan; we have the tools. And we have the expertise to help implement them in your church. We can help you turn your congregation into a global mission force!