What Mission Leaders Have To Say

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Bob Sjogren

We evangelicals are strong in head knowledge and weak in implementation. Global Focus is one of the few groups in missions who helps churches (and Individuals) discover practical ways to put into action what God wants them to do on a global scale. Use their wisdom and ministry tools to become the global church God wants your church and the churches of your country to be.

Founder/President UnveilinGLORY June 1, 2014

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Dr. Roy Peterson

Do you want to get serious about God using your life and church to touch the ends of the Earth? Are you passionate about Matthew 24:14? Dr. Larry Reesor and the Global Focus team will take you to a depth of involvement that you did not know your church and the churches of your country are capable of achieving. Go for it!

President The Seed Company and Former President, Wycliffe Bible Translators June 2, 2014

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Dr. David Shibley

Global Focus is positioned by God to now experience its greatest season of fruitfulness by serving the international body of Christ. I strongly recommend Global Focus to any church, anywhere that wants to see great and lasting fruit in its Acts 1:8 local/global ministry outreaches. They will be a blessing to the churches of your country.

President GLOBAL ADVANCE June 3, 2014

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Dr. Bob Schindler

I have known Dr. Larry Reesor for over 20 years and have watched Global Focus grow, from its birth, into a mature, dynamic, life changing, world-impacting ministry. Multitudes of local churches, in the USA and all over the world, have been transformed by applying the principles taught by Global Focus. If your goal is to help the churches in your country become personally, strategically, and passionately involved in fulfilling the Great Commission – for God’s glory among the nations – you would do well to partner with Global Focus.

Founder/President Mission ONE June 4, 2014

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Dr. Jerry Rankin

I remember meeting Larry Reesor shortly after becoming president of the International Mission Board. I was ill prepared for this administrative role of leading Southern Baptists in global missions. However, I had been in place long enough to recognize we faced some challenges. I had been overseas for 23 years and was unprepared for the changes taking place in our society and our churches. I discovered that the pastors and churches were desiring to become personally and directly involved in missions. They were no longer satisfied to give to generic impersonal programs but wanted to be part of the action. Along came Larry Reesor and Global Focus with a passion for training churches in how to be personally involved and take ownership in what they did in global missions. Faith commitment giving began to result in an impressive increase in resources directed toward missions. A new paradigm developed, and a partnership between Global Focus and the IMB resulted in pastors catching the vision and tens of thousands of church members participating in mission projects and praying more fervently for the lost people groups around the world. Just as God calls different people with unique gifts to work together as the body of Christ, He creates unique organizations to have a special niche in fulfilling His kingdom purpose. When we get to the place of ceasing to be concerned about who gets the credit or who is in control, we will be amazed at what God can do among us. Global Focus has been a servant to the churches, IMB and to the Kingdom of God. They have not been driven by the desire for success of the organization but by a vision to see a lost world come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. God has blessed Global Focus with phenomenal influence because of that vision. He has continued to expand ministry domestically and internationally, and will bless you for years to come as you stay focused on His glory among the nations. I am grateful for your encouragement, friendship, and partnership in the task.

Former President International Mission Board, Southern Baptist Convention, USA June 5, 2014

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Dr. Bob Reccord

In today’s world, far too often ministry and mission is done in a “ready…fire…aim” approach. And too often the result is that we miss the mark. Global Focus always takes aim by knowing the context of the ministry, empowering the local leadership and following the biblical model. That is why it works!!! It is Acts 29 being lived out today, around the world. I commend Dr. Larry Reesor and his team to the churches of your country.

Former President North American Mission Board Southern Baptist Convention, USA June 6, 2014

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David Nelson

Global Focus has had a profound impact in local churches throughout the world by leading pastors and local churches in implementing four key Scriptural principles. First, the worship of God is the motivation and end result of mission. Second, the local church is God’s primary instrument to reach the world for Christ today. Third, the greater the personalization of missions in the local church the greater the impact, and, fourth, the Acts 1:8 strategy is critical to reaching our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and ends of the earth. I believe that these principles will profoundly impact the churches in your country as well. Global Focus will teach you these principles and how to implement them in the churches in your country. Together, we can reach the world for Christ. I whole-heartedly recommend Global Focus to you and believe that you will be encouraged, stimulated, educated and motivated through their ministry.

Founder/President Crossing Cultures International June 7, 2014

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Keith Haywood

Church and mission leaders that I have interacted with from around the world have resonated with the biblical principles and dynamics taught by Global Focus. Their constant refrain has been “This is what we need in our country” and “We do not need to reinvent the wheel” in terms of the content that God has led the Global Focus team to develop. Global Focus has proven to be a partner that is willing to truly serve churches and organizations, helping them to adapt this ministry to their local, cultural and social context.

Vice President of Church Mobilization Operation Mobilization USA June 8, 2014