What Pastors Have To Say

Pastors from around the world have been impacted by Global Focus.

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Ekklesia, Washington D.C.

Ekklesia was the first Spanish-speaking church to implement the Global Focus process in North America. Our first Global Impact Celebration was held in February 2014. The atmosphere was electric. Our faith commitment offering exceeded $210,000 USD. Four people committed to full-time mission service. Nearly 100 committed to short-term mission service. We are seeing something that has the potential to revolutionize missions in Latin America.

Carlos Penaloza Senior Pastor January 1, 2014

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Immanuel Baptist Church, Highland CA

Global Focus has been a great partner in our reaching new heights in global outreach. As we have implemented the Acts 1:8 strategy at our church, we have seen a substantial increase in prayer support, financial resources and personal involvement. If you want to see God bring missions to the forefront of your church, I strongly recommend Global Focus.

Dr. Rob Zinn Senior Pastor January 2, 2014

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First Baptist Church, Woodstock GA

There is not a ministry on the planet that has helped our fellowship engage in international missions like Global Focus. My good friend, Dr. Larry Reesor, is passionate about seeing the peoples of the world come to know the Lord Jesus personally. He and his staff are leading the charge in attempting to penetrate the lostness of the world. I shall always be indebted to Larry and Global Focus for giving us the tools to help us prioritize reaching the nations for Christ. They have been key instruments in the churches of our denomination in implementing and prioritizing Acts 1:8 local/global ministries. I commend them to you and the churches of your country.

Dr. Johnny Hunt Senior Pastor and Former President, Southern Baptist Convention, USA January 3, 2014

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New Life Covenant Church, Bandung, Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest Muslim country in the world.  More than 85% of our people live in spiritual darkness.  Yet, Indonesia is a country where the harvest is being reaped and thousands upon thousands of Muslims have found the joy of salvation in Christ.  However, as the Lord Jesus said, “…the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.”  Therefore, I am convinced that the ministry of Global Focus is very crucial in this country to awaken the churches in Indonesia and equip them to accomplish the Great Commission in this generation.

Dr. Bambang Widjaja Senior Pastor & Former Executive Director, Evangelical Fellowship of Indonesia January 4, 2014

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LifeWay Church, Federal Way WA

I lead a church that has been active in missions for more than a decade. However, we had weaknesses. We needed better alignment organizationally. We were actually better at doing international missions than local missions. We needed more people involved, and we were too staff-driven. I was first introduced to Global Focus at a missions conference. We had a lot of commonality in theology and principles, but their approach to mobilization was vastly superior to anything we had seen, so we asked Global Focus to help us. Our coach was outstanding. We completed our implementation about six months ago. We have more people involved in “outside the walls” ministries than ever. In terms of financial commitment, we exceeded our highest goal by more than 30%. That tripled our prior giving to missions, and we are on schedule to exceed our commitment. Global Focus did for us everything we had hoped and more! Our people cannot wait for our next Global Impact Celebration. I am convinced that every church on the planet – with very few exceptions – would benefit from the principles and coaching of Global Focus. I commend them to you without reservation.

Donald Turner Senior Pastor January 5, 2014

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Englewood Baptist Church, Rocky Mount NC

No partnership has ever had the positive, eternal influence on our church like that with Global Focus. God has used them to change missions from being an event or program to being a lifestyle. God has used Global Focus to catapult us from North Carolina into the world.

Dr. Michael Cloer Senior Pastor January 6, 2014

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First Baptist Church, Troy AL

On the Sunday night after our Global Impact Celebration, we had a time of sharing from the folks about what God did in their lives as a result of the GIC. It was unbelievable to hear how God is working in people’s lives and aligning us for His glory.

Luke Lane Missions Pastor January 7, 2014

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New Covenant Christian Church, Jakarta, Indonesia

Since the first time I learned about Global Focus, I was very much enthused to receive their coaching. Now, after a year and a half of coaching, big changes are happening in our church. The congregation is all on fire to be involved in mission works. Unthinkable breakthrough upon breakthrough are taking place. I really believe the Indonesia churches need Global Focus to mobilize the whole congregation to enter into the plentiful harvest in these last days.

Lukito Budihardjo Senior Pastor January 8, 2014

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Clements Church, Athens AL

As a pastor I have a desire to partner with ministries that have a kindred spirit with Jesus. Dr. Larry Reesor and the staff of Global Focus are those people. Through our partnership with them, we were able to build a strong Acts 1:8 ministry. But beyond that we now have built an attitude within our people that carries a burden for the lost in Jerusalem and around the world. More of our people are readily available for short term mission trips; they have surrendered themselves to intercessory prayer; they are intentionally giving their money to missions around the world, and our prayer ministry has expanded to be more global as well as local. We are living in the greatest day of opportunity within the history of the church. Now is the time for the church of Jesus Christ to catch the vision and take the gospel to the ends of the earth. I have great confidence that Global Focus will have the same impact in your church and the churches of your country as well.

Tim Anderson Senior Pastor January 9, 2014

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Primera Conexion, Santo Andre, Sao Paulo, Brazil

I met Dr. Larry Reesor in 1993, and I was impacted with his vision and commitment to see pastors and churches on fire for World Missions. He invited me to attend the Global Focus Leadership Seminar, and I was so blessed with the content and the tools that I came back to Brazil and applied the principles and dynamics in my church here in Brazil. We are attempting to model the Global Focus ministry in our local church in order to set the example for our churches in Brazil. Our country is a developing country, yet we are making a significant impact financially, in prayer, in sending missionaries, and in developing partnerships all over the world. I believe Global Focus can be a valuable and critical tool for pastors and churches in every country of the world.

Edison Queiroz Senior Pastor January 10, 2014